Tripro is a Product Development Wing which is a part of Trichrome Technologies, specializes in Research & Development of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Blockchain Technologies, IOT for CCTV and Imaging Devices.We develop products and offer solutions in Web Designs, UI/UX Designs, Graphics(2D/3D Animation) and Mobile App.

Our Vision

"We grow for the People
We find for the People
We serve for the People"

Our Mission

"To Launch World Class Products
in AI-based Cloud for
Software Engineering"


Web Development

  • tribigo.com

Graphics & Animations

  • Film Posters, Business Profiles, Flyers, Handouts, Card Design, etc.
  • Internal Projects on 2D Animation & Motion Graphics.
  • Film CG/Animation.

R&D in Embedded System

  • IOT Based CCTV - Color Camcorder integrated with IOT connected environment.
  • AI enabled CCTV

R&D in AI, Blockchain & Data Analytics

  • Tensorflow based AI integrated for Data Analytics
  • IOT enabled Blockchain Technology

What we Offer

Web Design & Development

  • Creative Design is our most glorious skill.
  • Industry Experts lead Project Development.
  • Deliver Results is one of our Policy.

App Development, UI Designs, Graphics & Animations

  • Creativity is our Advantage.
  • Our Designers are the perfectionist.
  • Time-Bounded Designs & Work for the fullest satisfaction.

Software & Automation Development

  • Our Developers are from International MNC skilled in Python & Java Framework.
  • Experts Lead Project Development Activity.
  • AI, Data Analytics, Python, R based Tools.

"It's going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool" - Colin Angle

Our R&D Projects

We’d absolutely love to hear from you.
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