Talent Acquisition

Every unfilled job in an organization translates into its loss of business opportunities and its efficiency. TRICHROME specializes in hiring the best talents to make an immediate impact on its productivity and its performance. We make hiring easier, faster and better by reducing your recruitment time and giving you access to the most qualified candidates available in the job market.

Our "Four-Way Methodology" encompassing search, selection, portfolio networking and the internet effectively scours the whole market for talent and thoroughly searches the market for active and passive candidates ensuring our reach towards the best possible talent.

Tricon-Talent Acquisition


  • Project Assessment
  • Industry Mapping
  • Brand Development
  • Planning and Execution


  • Job Profiling
  • Interview Tools
  • Candidate Assessment / Selection


  • Reference and Background Screening
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Database Platforms
  • Planning and Execution


  • Full Lifecycle Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Client Ambassador
  • Seamless Workforce Management

Recruitment Process

CV Shortlisting

Our process starts with screening of the resumes from various job portals and from our database to provide a suitable candidate for the role. About 43% of the resumes are collected from popular job portals, 18% are collected from referrals and another 27% of the resumes are screened from the Trichrome point database while the remaining 12% are collected from other popular sources.

Telephonic Interview

Our consultants conduct telephonic interviews to reach the candidates quickly. This helps us to learn the candidates better and to clarify a set of questions before confirming a face to face interview.

Face to Face Interview

Apart from the general set of interview questions and aptitude tests, the most important factors such as Body language, Confidence, Personality, Interest are analyzed in a face to face interview. We speak to our clients to understand their requirements in-depth and match them with a suitable profile.

Reference checks / HR

We believe that conducting reference checks can be one of the most important steps in the selection process. Our recruiters speak to past supervisors in order to determine if the applicant being considered is recommended/suited for the role.

Top 3 Candidates

Upon completion of multiple interviews, tests, and verifications, we submit the top 3 (or 5*) candidates to our clients for review. Upon their confirmation, a final round of interview will be held at any of our network offices or directly at the client's desk as per our client's convenience

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